Monday, April 1, 2013



Doing Master copies has been a tradition for many artists for hundreds of years. Our final will consist of a master copy and then completing two overlays over that master copy; one of the bones and the other of the muscles. This will be the culmination of all that has been learned in and out of class. 

  1. 18x24 or bigger (bigger will be better, remember you need to get in all the bones and muscles)
  2. Three separate drawings or overlays (this means you will have three figures each 18x24; one copy, one bones, one muscles)
  3. Label and name each major bone or muscle we have talked about in class. (make a key to keep it clean)
  4. Use good materials that we have talked about in class. (you should always make assignments on archival products)
  5. Master copy should be approved by me before starting. 
  6. Due at the time of final. 

A few examples of what the final should entail. Keep in mind these examples don't have all the requirements and yours will look better.....right?

Master drawings and paintings should be to this level of competence and quality.

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