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Art 2270 Utah Valley University

Course Description 
To introduce the student to fundamental skills in realistically describing and constructing the human figure in dry media. 

Course Objectives 
Proficiency in observational skills, visual and mechanical measuring techniques, anatomy, value, and composition. To explore abstraction and non-objective imagery 
Understanding terms and vocabulary. Topics include: Composition, Line, Gesture, Construction, Shape / Form, Value, Perspective, Movement, Technique, Structure, Landmarks

Come to class on time ready to draw. Be respectful to me and those around you. Quiet talking, smelly food, cleanliness, listening, etc. No cell phones, if you need to make or answer a call step out of the class. No homework from other classes.
Clean up, this includes personal supplies, class room supplies, and work area. Classroom is a communal studio space and shared by several classes.
I am not your mom! 

The model is to always be treated with respect. This is a professional environment, and inappropriate actions or comments will not be tolerated. If any of this occurs, you will be removed from the class permanently. If problems continue, you can be banned from taking any figure classes in the future. For privacy reasons, the classroom door will remain closed during class time. No photography allowed.

Attendance is mandatory. Since we will be having regular lectures, discussions and in class projects that are done in a successive order, it is important you don’t miss class. Students are allowed 2 unexcused absences. Absences and tardies are the same, after the first 10 min of class you will be marked down as Absent. After the two unexcused absences, each additional 2 absence will result in a full grade reduction. 6 absences results in an incomplete or fail.

In Class assignments as well as out of class homework will be given on a weekly basis. If you are absent for an in class assignment you will not be able to make up what you missed. Homework will be assigned at the beginning of each week and due the following week unless other wise stipulated. Home work will be due at the beginning of class. Each student is responsible for his or her self to find out what is due each week. Late work will not be accepted. If you cant make it to class your work still can. Instructor reserves the right to change assignments criteria week to week. Along with weekly assignments we will have a midterm project and a final project. The Final exam will measure your knowledge of the bones and muscles. You will be expected to draw and label the bones and muscles from memory. Grading will be assessed with evaluation reports.

Grade Scale 
A= Excellent. Ability and execution surpasses ordinary standards of what is expected.
B=Good. Complete portfolio that reflects improvement and techniques above average.
C=Fair. Problems with attendance and or incomplete portfolio, erratic performance. 
D=Poor. Attitude, attendance and effort lacking. Not completing objectives. 
E=No Credit.

Class Discussions
We will spend at least a third of the semester in class discussions, critiques, and lectures. Every student is expected to participate. 
Participation will constitute a % of your grade.

Supplies / Materials
Canson or Strathmore Newsprint Pad 18x24 (smooth)
Canson or Strathmore Drawing Paper 18x24 80lb smooth
Sketchbook 8x10 (or larger), 100 sheets white
Graphite Pencils (blue kind), #2(HB) and then two each of 2b, 4b, 6b, 8b
Charcoal (square)
NuPastel (dark color)
Kneaded Eraser
Drawing Board / Masonite with clips. (big enough for 18x24)
Utility Knife and Sandpaper block or strip for sharping. 
Box/Container for supplies and A Portfolio. 

Disclaimer:  Instructor reserves the right to change the syllabus at any time and topics covered or order in which they are covered after notifying the class in advance. 

"Students who need accommodations because of a disability should contact the UVU Accessibility Services Department (ASD), located on the Orem Campus, in LC 312. To schedule an appointment, or speak with a counselor, call the ASD office at 801-863-8747, or for Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals, use the video phone number, 886-760-1819."

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